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Who are we?

We are a bright new option in the energy world and we challenge others to make things as simple and efficient as we do. We don’t think buying energy should be hard or time consuming, and that you should have to pay unnecessary fees or charges.

Saves you time

Saves you money

Saves you hassle

We believe there is a better way

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How It Works

The simple steps to buying your energy

Business Energy Marketplace makes it incredibly quick and easy to get quotes directly from the majority of electricity retailers in the market for you to compare, select the best deal and sign up online.

The entire process can be completed in under 15 minutes. No more need to use a broker or waste your time and effort trying to get quotes from retailers on your own.


Register your business online. It is quick, easy and completely free.


Get quotes from the market at the push of a button.


Quotes are easy to compare and understand. No jargon and complexity.


Choose the best deal from energy retailers with no hidden fees or charges.

Sign up.

Request a contract from your preferred retailer and accept the terms and conditions online.

Business Energy Marketplace does it all for you

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How we save you money

Business Energy Marketplace could save you thousands

It’s a fact that many business customers who use brokers pay significant fees and charges that are completely avoidable. These extra fees and charges can add up to thousands each year.

A customer going through a broker and paying $16,500 per annum for their electricity (excluding network fees and other charges), can be paying around $3,500 each year in broker fees and charges.

For the same service, Business Energy Marketplace charges a low one-off fee of $150.

Go direct with Business Energy Marketplace and save

Use our free simple online calculator to work out how much you could save, or we can do the work for you by performing a free bill health check.

Supported by the majority of Retailers

We have the market covered

Business Energy Marketplace gives you the means to obtain impartial and unbiased quotes directly from energy retailers in the market.

More Retailer support coming soon.