About BEM

We are new and better way for business to buy energy

Who are we

We are a new and better way for business to buy energy.

Business Energy Marketplace was born out of the need to make it incredibly quick and easy for business customers to buy energy, and get the best possible deal.

Energy is a material cost for business and many are paying more than they need to. As the backbone of the Australian Economy, we wanted to ensure businesses get the best possible deal.

We save you time and effort

It no longer takes a lot of time and effort to buy energy.

We have made it incredibly quick and easy to get quotes directly from the majority of electricity retailers in the market for you to compare, select the best deal and sign up online.

The entire process can be completed in under 15 minutes. No more need to use a broker.

We save you money

Save thousands on avoidable fees and charges

It’s a fact that many business customers who use brokers pay significant fees and charges that are completely avoidable. These extra fees and charges can add up to thousands each year.

With Business Energy Marketplace you can now go direct and save.

We are independent

We operate independently of any participating retailer.

The concept for Business Energy Marketplace was first developed within AGL after identifying the challenges faced by business customers when it came to buying energy.

To maintain our impartiality, Business Energy Marketplace is now set up and operated as an entirely separate legal entity.

We help you find the best deal in the market

Get impartial and unbiased quotes directly from retailers.

We have partnered with the biggest names in the Australian energy industry, including all the leading providers. Each retailer independently bids for your business directly via our platform so that you can choose the best deal.

We do not interfere or alter any quotes, we simply deliver them straight to you.

Go direct with Business Energy Marketplace and save

Use our free simple online calculator to work out how much you could save, or we can do the work for you by performing a free bill health check.

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