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Want to know if Business Energy Marketplace is right for you?

Many business customers who use brokers pay significant fees and charges that are completely avoidable.

Our calculator will help you find out any additional fees you might be paying to brokers that you could be saving with Business Energy Marketplace.

All you need is one of your most recent electricity bills.

Note: To use Business Energy Marketplace you must incur a separate meter charge on your bill and your annual usage needs to be above the following levels:

QLD / NSW / VIC 100 MWh’s (100,000 KWh’s)
SA 160 MWh’s (160,000 KWh’s)

Step 1: Select state

Step 2: Input monthly bill details

Megawatt hours (MWh's)
Kilowatt hours (KWh's)
Please select the energy rate cost:
Shoulder (only if in NSW or ACT)

Total: 0

Step 3: Input broker commision

Broker commission



Step 4: Input monthly metering cost

Metering cost
Your Metering Costs can be found in the itemised portion of your Energy bill under Other Charges.


Total Broker Charges

based on these inputs being your average bill.

Per month: $ 285.10

Annually: $ 3421.20

Over a 24 month contract: $ 6842.40

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